Have you noticed that your child is fascinated with every piano they see?

Has your child suddenly started singing every song from every Disney movie, using their spoon as a microphone?

Has your child grown out of their family music program, but still has an overwhelming desire to make music?

Then it's time to start your child's private musical training!

Welcome to TrebleTime Music Studio!

So, you've realized your child loves music. That's amazing! 

It is also the start of a wonderful, whimsical journey that with your support, my guidance, and their effort, will lead them on a path to greater self confidence, strong language development, and as some research has shown, a higher I.Q!  

Here at the studio there are 2 goals: 1) That we create a fun nurturing musical environment where your child can flourish and continue to grow. 2) That each teaching experience they have is tailored to their individual needs.

What can you expect when signing up for a lesson? 

You can expect 30 min-1 hr of enthusiastic, informative, and confidence building instruction. With each lesson, they will practice rhythms, sight-reading, writing, artistry, discipline, and further develop their fine motor skills.

Within the first few months, your child can be playing along and accompanying themselves to some of their favorite songs!

All it takes is practice, your support, and my teaching.

My teaching slots are filling up quickly, so don't hesitate to contact me, and lets get started by scheduling your child's first (of what i know will be many) private lessons.

I look forward to working with and meeting you and your child very soon.

-All the best,


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